./bayesed (openmpi v1.8.8 is required for mpirun) [OPTIONS] -i inputfile


-a, --ann ARG1[,ARGn]               Select  ann model by name
                                    e.g. -a bc03_pr_exp_ch_calzetti,iscalable

-h, -help, --help, --usage          Display usage instructions

-i, --input ARG                     Input file containing observed photometric SEDs
                                    e.g. -i observation/ULTRAVISTA/ULTRAVISTA0.txt

-k, --knn ARG1[,ARGn]               Select knn model by name
                                    e.g. -k bc03_pr_exp_ch_calzetti,iscalable,k,f_run

-s, --sampler ARG                   File containing sampling parameters for MultiNest
                                    e.g. -s sampler.in (default)

-t, --template ARG1[,ARGn]          Use template SED with the given name
                                    e.g. -t M82,iscalable

--confidence_level ARG              e.g. --confidence_level 0.5 (default)

--cosmology ARG1[,ARGn]             e.g. --cosmology 70,0.7,0.3 (default)

--filters ARG                       e.g. --filters filter/filters.txt

--filters_selected ARG              e.g. --filters_selected filter/filters_selected.txt

--IGM ARG1[,ARGn]                   --IGM <0|1|2>
                                    Select the model for intergalactic medium attenuation
                                    0 for nothing , 1 for Madau (1995) model (default), 2 for Meiksin (2006) model

--load_priors ARG                   load priors from .hist files for all objects
                                    e.g.: --load_priors priors_root

--npc ARG                           No. of pcs to be output
                                    e.g.: --npc 3(default)

--nzbin ARG                         Number of bins used to sample the prior of redshift.
                                    e.g. --nzbin 10 (default)

--NfilterPoints ARG                 e.g. --NfilterPoints 30 (default)

--outdir ARG                        output dir for all results
                                    e.g. --ourdir result/ (default)

--output_model_absolute_magnitude   output model absolute magnitude of best fit

--output_model_apparent_magnitude   output model apparent magnitude of best fit

--output_model_flux                 output model flux of best fit

--pca_model ARG                     name of .pca file
                                    e.g.: --pca_model bc03_pr_exp_ch_calzetti

--save_bestfit                      Save the best fitting result for every object

--save_posteriori_sample            Save the posterior sample for every object

--save_priors                       save priors as .hist files for all objects

--save_summary                      Save the file for every object

--sys_err ARG1[,ARGn]               Minimum fractional error/errors for all filters
                                    e.g. --sys_err 0 (default) or --sys_err 0.5,0.1,..,0.5

--test_priors                       test priors by set loglike=0